My First Blog Post (On Here, Anyway)

Hello. Hi. Thanks for coming. Please, take a seat.

I’m not new to this blogging thing. I had an old blog (the header image is a symbol of that), partly for fun, partly to compliment my YouTube channel; the intention for this is the exact same, but I figured I’d make a clean break with the past, y’know? I’m a fan of fresh starts. That blog carries a lot of baggage for me, and I’d rather my new venture weren’t associated with that beyond the connective tissue of WordPress and me.

I’m a filmmaker, but I write all my own scripts, meaning that I’m a fan of the act of writing. I enjoy big words, books, a few poems, writing essays. Creating emotion through some scribbles on a document or a page, which only occupy said emotion because of our preconceived associations with the letters and words. It’s also a lot easier than filmmaking and vlogging.

I have a lot of thoughts, but I don’t have the time or the energy to put all those thoughts into good videos, and I don’t often want to reduce them to 140 characters. I’m also narcissistic and the notion of an entire website built around me and my life is quite appealing, which throws the idea of just making notes to myself out the window.

Which all brings me here. The reason why this first post is so self-indulgent is because this blog will be an exercise of the self; I don’t care about views, or even if that many people read what I write at all. I want the opportunity to be there for people to stumble across this blog, whilst journeying across the wasteland of this virtual world, but I hesitate to force it down people’s throats. If you read and like my blog, then that’s great! I’ll be emotionally fulfilled. But I don’t mind if the only person here is me.

An echo chamber if there ever were one.

So, welcome. If you’re not put off already then do stick around. Cake in half an hour.

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