A Walk Back in Time

Back in the days of yore, I’d go for a walk at least once every evening. The route was either fairly modern and cosmopolitan – i.e. around my secondary school and the surrounding housing estate – or quite natural – through a literal nature walk.

Walking helps me to clear my head, provides inspiration and pretty photos, and is a good way of getting in some daily exercise which isn’t too demanding. As time went on, my ability to appropriately manage said time decreased, and I found myself too busy with A-Levels and everything else that I do to properly focus on it.

So it was nice to get out again this evening, and as a result I’m feeling thoroughly inspired for my next video essay. Hint: I mentioned the subject in the second paragraph.

I’d like to go for walks more often, for all of the reasons previously listed, but they’re also fairly nostalgic for me. This route evokes a strong connection to my past, at secondary school, one which – in retrospect – was more relaxed, carefree and innocent.

Here are some pretty photos.


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