Goodbye Winchester

On my old blog, I used to post each of my YouTube videos to it and write up a little piece on it. Very few people read the blog (understandably so), yet it was nonetheless useful in case anybody ever stumbled across the blog, and subsequently the channel; or if one of my posts would go viral, directing swathes of people to my videos. I haven’t really been doing that on this new blog. But it’s time to change that.

On Friday, I said goodbye to Winchester – my home for these past eighteen years. Being overdramatic, I wanted to make a video about leaving home (I’m literally ripping off my own dialogue from the video), outpouring all of my various feelings on the matter. It was odd that I didn’t feel sad, so I wanted to make a happier video; yet, I still felt bittersweet, and a completely happy video didn’t seem appropriate. So, it’s an odd concoction of all of that. I wasn’t sure what people would think. I went through two different scripts, and rewrote and re-recorded a bunch of it in an effort to make it less cheesy. Several friends messaged me to say that it made them cry, so I guess I did something right.

Here it is. While I feel melancholy about saying goodbye to all the certainty and structure that your hometown provides, and about saying goodbye to the friends who I hold so dear, and to the memories and times that they represent, I know that we all must say goodbye eventually, and I am endlessly happy beginning this new life in London. If you don’t say goodbye, then it’s remarkably difficult to ever actually say hello again.

All my love, good luck, and goodbye.

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