Oprah 2020 (and Other Celebrity Presidents)

I’m making a particular effort to write up a blog post for every video I do. Perhaps these can serve as expanded explorations of whatever the topic is; the Director’s Cut, if you will. It is considerably easier and more liberating to bash out an article than it is to make a video. When writing, you can cut and rewrite and revamp to your heart’s desire. A video? Far more restrictive.

That’s not to say I’m dissatisfied with my new video. Well, I am, but only in the sense that I’m dissatisfied with the majority of my YouTube videos, but I put it out anyway because I am my harshest critic. Or perhaps it isn’t very good at all? Judge for yourself!

The argument I put forward is very much a pro-celebrity one, and ends up being more about the overall concept than it does Oprah and her potential candidacy. There are many problems with celebrities running for president, and with the general intersection of politics and entertainment, but I felt this was already full to the brim.

Another video, perhaps…

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