VIP: Owen Winter, Make Votes Matter

Last week came the first episode of a series I’ve wanted to do for a good while (like 3 years) but has eluded me until now. Blame my general lack of ideas and penchant for idleness.

But it’s here! VIP – Very Interesting People – is all about young people doing, you guessed it, very interesting things, be it in politics and activism or music or film or art or business or… y’know, the list goes on.

My first guest was Owen Winter, the co-founder of Make Votes Matter, a group campaigning for proportional representation in UK general elections. If you’ve no idea what that is, amazing! Means you can check out the video.

The reason I’ve so passionately wanted to do an interview series is that I’ve grown up surrounded by friends whose entrepreneurial spirit comes as naturally to them as breathing. We have always populated our lives with exciting projects, be it making films, organising city-wide games or hosting concerts in back gardens. Some of the people I interview are from those circles of friends of my school days.

One of the many benefits of such a life is understanding that, beneath all the success, there is distinct normality, relatability and vulnerability. As the age of celebrities decreases, the inverse occurs to the imposter syndrome of their fans. It’s important to introduce and celebrate those young people doing cutting-edge work, but even more important to make everyone see that they’re actually just like you and me. With this first episode, I hope I succeeded a little bit.


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