About Me

Hello! I’m Jasper. I’m a writer, blogger, filmmaker, photographer and videographer.

Here you’ll find a collection of my work, ranging from films and videos to photographs to essays.

My writing has been featured in Progress Online, Four Goods, Binge Fringe, Backbench and Unleash the Fanboy, of which I am the ex-Editor-in-Chief.

I am an editor for The Social Review, a journal for new left-wing thinking which has attracted writing and interviews from across the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats, in addition to academics, journalists, think tanks and MPs.

Chiefly, I am the producer and editor of The Social Review Podcast. New episodes are released weekly featuring current affairs analysis from members of the editorial team as well as interviews with a range of interesting people, such as Alex Sobel MP, Sarah Manavis of The New Statesman and Matthew Laurence of the economics think tank, Common Wealth.

I’m a former BBC Work Experience intern, working on investigations within Watchdog and Rogue Traders.

In 2018 I starred in a historical comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe and Camden Fringe, Who Killed Franz Ferdinand?, produced by Slipshod Theatre. I’m back at the Fringe with Slipshod in 2019, this time serving as Director of Media.

I am the writer/director/producer of Tales from the Apocalypse, a feature-length sci-fi movie set during the end of the world starring an ensemble cast of up-and-coming young British actors. Currently under consideration for film festivals, Tales will be released to the public in 2020.

I have a YouTube channel, home to over 500 subscribers and a variety of content encompassing video essays, sketches, vlogs and short films.

From October 2019 I will be a student of Human, Social and Political Sciences at St John’s College, University of Cambridge. During my time there I hope to keep acting, write numerous plays, become involved with student journalism, begin learning either the piano or guitar and to continue learning Chinese. Time will tell whether I do any of these.