About Meeee

Hello! I’m Jasper, a freelance writer, filmmaker, Wintonian, and (soon-to-be) student at the University of Cambridge.

Here you’ll find a collection of my work (not that there’s much of it since I’m yet to turn 20), ranging from films and videos to photographs to essays. My writing has been featured in Progress Online, Four Goods, Binge Fringe, Backbench and Unleash the Fanboy, the website I used to be Editor-in-Chief for.

I’m a former BBC Work Experience intern, helping the investigations of Watchdog and Rogue Traders.

In 2018 I starred in a historical comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe and Camden Fringe, Who Killed Franz Ferdinand?, and I also wrote and directed a feature-length sci-fi movie, Tales from the Apocalypse.

I have a YouTube channel, home to just under 500 subscribers and a variety of content encompassing video essays, sketches, vlogs and short films.

The very existence of an ‘about’ page for a non-celebrity with a personal blog is already steeped in narcissism, so I’ll cut this off. Enjoy the blog!