About Meeee

Phwoar, who’s that?

Hello! I’m Jasper (if it wasn’t already apparent) – a filmmaker, screenwriter, online journalist, photographer, actor and political enthusiast based in London and Winchester, depending on the date.

At the heart of what you’ll find here is a passion for exploring the world through both film and politics. While that’s a fairly vague and bullshit expression, it’s nonetheless true. Storytelling allows us to understand the world around us, and the people who inhabit it, in our own terms, whilst politics enables us to do something about it.

I’m particularly interested in the relationship between politics and narrative – how politicians use narrative to win elections, and how much of political ideology is really just a big old story. Elsewhere in the political world, I get jazzed about income inequality, education reform, and the welfare state. Fun!

My main passion is film, to which I devote much of my time to. I’m active on my YouTube channel, JasperCH, where I post anything that takes my fancy and falls within the breadth of film and politics. Over the course of 3 years, it’s garnered over 40,000 views and over 400 subscribers. I’ve written and directed several short films, and I also spent several years working as the News Editor and Editor-in-Chief of UnleashTheFanboy.com.

Right now, I’m a contributor to FourGoods.co, a social justice-oriented online marketplace, and Progress Online, a centre-left group within the Labour Party. I’m also an actor with Slipshod Theatre, a new theatre company specialising in historical comedies.

So, make yourself a delicious beverage of your choice and spend a bit of time here. Wander through my tweets and Facebook posts on the right-hand side, explore my WritingVideo and Photography Portfolios, and indulge in reading some wonderfully-written articles littered across the main page, on topics as diverse as being a terrible student to the need for reform of our political culture.

Like I said, I’m fun. Honest.