Looking at the FOUR FUTURES of Earth

Have you ever read a fan theory? I've had the misfortune of reading (and having written) plenty. With geek franchises dominating the global cinema scene, fansites regularly run stories about the latest theories to get more than three upvotes on Reddit, banking on humanity's seemingly endless yearning for understanding the future of what they care [...]


Back in 2016, as Trump and Brexit tore across the western world, I was struggling to understand. Why had these forces become so powerful now? What were the campaigns doing which were proving so effective? Specifically, what were the losing campaigns - Remain and Hillary Clinton - not doing? Around the same time, I was [...]


As I recently wrote in my review of Doughnut Economics, an entire literary market - largely of the left-wing variety - has sprung up to capitalise on the post-economic crash confusion left in the wake of 2008. Academics, journalists and politicians are all racking their brains for big answers to even-bigger questions, praying that confounded [...]


I met Stan Lee in July 2014 at London Comic-Con. It was billed as his final UK visit, and I knew that, if I didn't pay for an alarmingly-priced ticket I would never meet the man who played such an instrumental role in my childhood. I had to meet him. Who can pass up that [...]