DOUGHNUT ECONOMICS Will Make You Hungry for Change

The decade-long crisis in global politics and economics may provide nightmare fuel for the politicians, the economists and those who must deal with the consequences of their decisions, but it is a lucrative literary boon to the academic. Every dusty hypothesis, from the cranked to the ingenious, has been sent from the office drawers to…

Has The Economist Written the Future of Liberalism?

For some, an anniversary marks the time for wonderful nostalgia. Reliving the greatest hits can be invigorating, but for liberalism, it would be blind. Not to say that liberalism hasn’t produced plenty of great hits (they are impossible to count), rather those hits are no longer enough to sustain the momentum. As anyone who has…

Musings on Stephen Fry’s More Fool Me

I’m terrible with impulse purchases – or, rather, rents. As a frequent visitor to my local library, I often pick up books on a whim (even though my reading list is physically towering), the latest victim being Steph

The Clock is Outrunning Me

Some mumbles and grumbles about how everything is awful and I hate myself and some other generic moaning buzz-phrases; come hither, reader, and, err, read.