Film & Radio

I pride myself on being a storyteller across all mediums; my first love and passion was for film, and more recently I have developed an affinity for radio production. Below are some examples of my work for clients, as well as my own creative work, and if you’d like to see more then please do check out the YouTube channel!


Arthur Brown sets out to do the one thing he’s always wanted to do: write a book. Just one problem – it’s the apocalypse. An epic adventure of love, death and destiny at the end of the world, embark on these ‘Tales’ of an aspiring writer, a religious fanatic, a bitter ex-couple, the girl raised from the dead and the boy claiming to be Jesus Christ, read by a mysterious girl on the edge of history.

I wrote, directed, produced, and edited Tales from the Apocalypse, a feature-length sci-fi fantasy adventure, made when I was only 19 years old. The film is currently streaming on Amazon Prime UK, with 13 audience reviews all giving it 5-stars – if you are so kind as to watch, then please leave your thoughts!

Tales Poster Final 2 PNG

UNSTUCK – Short Film

In 2016, I wrote, directed and edited an original sci-fi movie about a young woman who, reeling from the breakdown of her relationship, meets a man claiming to be a time traveller. A tale of storytelling, young love and friendship, utilising young talent and shot on location in Winchester, Hampshire, UNSTUCK was tremendous fun to make and has been an equally tremendous success, garnering over 40,000 views on YouTube, demonstrating how I have been driven to undertake complicated projects even from a young age (plus, it’s a prequel to Tales!).


In May 2020, I wrote, directed, and edited the original superhero action-comedy adventure, The Adventures of Sharkman, an adaptation of my childhood comic books. The show was broadcast as part of the ADC Theatre’s Online season during the first national lockdown, and is their tenth most popular lockdown production; it features a super-sized original score by Thomas Field, and received a 5-star review from The Cambridge Student.


In the SECOND national lockdown, I wrote, directed, and edited a sequel entitled Sharkman: The God Project for the CUADC Online Season, which became its most popular production and received another 5-star review from The Cambridge Student. For both Sharkman shows, we adopted an inclusive casting policy, which meant that everybody who auditioned received a role; this, coupled with being recorded remotely, made both productions really accessible and helped give many performers their first go at creative life in Cambridge!

TOMORROW’S NEWS – Radio Comedy

In the THIRD national lockdown, I was the co-showrunner of Tomorrow’s News with my writing partner, Jake Rose, an original comedy satirising news and current affairs which broadcast on CamFM. As a weekly radio show, I became efficient at managing and overseeing the conveyor-belt-esque production. Each week, Jake and I would lead a Writers’ Room over Zoom to spitball jokes and ideas, boil those down to an episode’s worth of sketches and segments and distribute them individually to writers; edit the scripts, cast all ‘swing’ roles (non-main cast), record the entire episode in a slew of Zoom calls, then edit it together in time for broadcast on Saturday evenings. Tomorrow’s News was one of CamFM’s most popular shows of Lent Term 2021, and we were honoured to receive a 5-star review from Varsity – a rare occurrence for Cambridge comedy!

HELP Hampshire Stroke Clinic – Promotional Video

In 2018 I produced a promotional video for the University of Winchester’s new stroke clinic, which aims to provide exercise and educational opportunities for stroke survivors.

‘Space Junk: A Soviet Movie’ – Edinburgh Fringe 2019

I’m a member of Slipshod Theatre and was the dedicated photographer/videographer for 2019’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, filming our production of Space Junk: A Soviet Musical, a musical adaptation of the life of Yuri Gagarin featuring the songs of David Bowie, Elton John and more. I filmed the show across multiple nights, enabling me to edit a film which cuts between multiple different angles, thereby allowing for a more visually stimulating experience and for each actor on stage to receive a spotlight on their performance, difficult to achieve with one unchanging camera position.