Portfolio – Video

I’m a freelance filmmaker based in Winchester, Hampshire, and have been working and practising for over three years. I have written and directed seven short films (three sketches; a mockumentary; a comedy; a horror; and a half-hour sci-fi drama), and I have also filmed and edited numerous different video productions for clients and for myself. I am experienced in shooting weddings, music videos, and narratives, however, I am adaptable to making any kind of video content. I’m proficient in Sony Vegas and experienced in Adobe Premiere. I shoot all my work using a Canon 70D, and, primarily, a Canon 18-135mm f/3.5 lens. I also use a Samyang 35mm f/1.4, and a Canon 80mm f/1.2. I use my own tripod, shoulder rig, and dolly. For audio, I use a Tascam DR-70D and a Rode VideoMic.

In my spare time, I am active on my YouTube channel, where I have made a wide variety of different videos: video essays, visual poetry, stop-motion animation, political discussion and activism, film analysis, montage, traditional vlogs, and, last but not least, my own rendition of the Doctor Who title sequence.

If you’d like to get in touch about a video shoot, whatever it may be, then please fill out the contact form on here, linked in the header above – or just message me via any of my social media pages!

Below are some examples of my work for clients, as well as my own work, and if you’d like to see more then please do check out the YouTube channel!

64 Bars of Pace – Music Video

In August 2017, I filmed, directed and edited a music video for Jase, a Winchester/Bath-based rapper and performer, to promote his EP The Hampshire Boy, which is available to listen to and purchase on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music. The music video was a resounding success and was featured on the Grime Daily website.

64 Bars of Pace subverts the stereotypes of traditional rap videos through taking place, primarily, in natural locations, and explores the evolving nature of identity. I and the performer worked closely on the content of the music video, however, I was ultimately tasked with driving the creative direction and single-handedly managing production and post-production.

Fee Francis: Eventice 2016 – Recruitment Competition

In 2016, I filmed and edited an application video for Eventice, a UK-based recruitment competition for event managers. Fee, an Event Management student at the University of Winchester at the time, was picked to proceed into the 3-day competition, and subsequently made it into the final round. The top prize was a full-time job with Eventice.

Fee did not win, however, based on the strength of her CV, performance, and of the video, Eventice chose to offer her a runner-up prize – which they do not formally offer – of a work experience placement in Dubai, where she spent two weeks as the Project Manager for Eventice Middle East.


FAITH & KING – Christ Church Winchester

In July 2015, I filmed and edited two separate videos for educational use in services at Christ Church, Winchester. Faith is largely composed of miscellaneous film clips, ranging from Noah to Cloud Atlas, therefore all copyright resides with the respective content owners. The video also features the voices of various Christ Church staff. Faith explores the aforementioned subject and was used as a reference point in church services to discuss the extent to which Christians hold faith in God, and how that faith can be tested.

King was used during the Download Week Away 2015 (a Christian youth retreat run by Christ Church), acting as a primer to discuss the notion that God is the King. I was asked to make a video which depicts everyday activities with the word ‘king’ in them; walking, talking, etc, so as to express how God accompanies people throughout their lives, in anything and everything that they do.

#PowerToDecide 2017

In Spring 2017, I was fortunate enough to be asked to take part in YouTube’s #PowerToDecide campaign, which encouraged young people to vote in the 2017 General Election. The video was seen by 4.8m people, and I appeared alongside figures such as Russell Brand, Jon Snow, and Tom Daley. My original video is below, wherein I discuss the long-term decline in the youth vote for general elections and referenda and encourage other young people to break the stereotype that we are too lazy to vote.

The Best Channel Trailer Ever

A different kind of channel trailer – starring Two Jaspers…

A Very LEGO Wedding Present – Stop-Motion Sketch

A fun, silly LEGO stop-motion sketch, depicting what happens when you haven’t written your Best Man speech the night before your uncle’s big day…

Totally Legit DOCTOR WHO Series 11 Spoilers – Doctor Who Sketch

A video message from 2018 Jasper to the present day, filled with spoilers – err, predictions – for the upcoming Doctor Who Series 11, complete with my very own rendition of the classic title sequence.

I consider going above and beyond what’s expected in film and video production to be incredibly important; subverting expectations and creating something memorable is the only sure way to success. Rather than making a conventional predictions video, I blended my predictions with a Who-themed sketch.