Writings Etc.

In case you couldn’t surmise from the very existence of this blog, I am, primarily, a writer. My background is in entertainment journalism, but these days I’m looking to branch out to political analysis, cultural criticism, media discussion and everything in that general sphere. I’m the ex-E-I-C of UnleashTheFanboy.com and a contributor to FourGoods.co, Progress Online and Backbench, as well as a screenwriter and practising playwright.

Alongside all the pieces on this blog (you can hit up Essays and Books for more lengthy pieces!), here are a few excerpts from my various articles and academic essays. If you like the look of them and you’re looking for writers for your website/journal/magazine/cave wall, please get in touch!


The Obama/Netflix Deal: can storytelling save politics?

Fiction has the power to tear down walls and unify people in a way factual content can struggle to. Stories speak to our optimism, allowing us to project ourselves onto people and places who never were or will be; catch a liberal and a conservative thrashing it out over healthcare, then lovingly discussing Avengers: Infinity War. This is because stories can only function through emotional connections – and, once the storyteller holds the heart, they can begin to change the mind.

F O U R  G O O D S

‘Black Panther’ is a New Kind of Cinematic Activism

Because of Black Panther, people are being registered as voters; a Chicago middle school teacher is curating the ‘Wakanda Curriculum’to teach her students about African history and Afrofuturism, and there have been renewed calls for the release of jailed, real-life Black Panthers. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg: search through social media and news aggregators long enough and you will find a wealth of heart-warming, inspiring examples of a superhero movie being used to cultivate citizenship. It is completely, utterly unprecedented.


History will be kind to Theresa May

All politicians must act knowing the eyes of history watch dutifully, scanning for errors to record in the texts of tomorrow. Threats loom on the horizon, but on her current course, it’s entirely possible that May will see out the rest of her term, continuing to compromise and bargain her way to a fudged solution as she has done for so long.

B I N G E  F R I N G E

Review: THRONES! The Musical Parody, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 – ★★☆☆☆

The perfect word to describe Thrones! is ‘normie’: a pejorative for one who subscribes to mainstream culture but does so in a bland and uninspired fashion. It is a musical laden with lowest-common-denominator jokes, such as when Donald Trump repeatedly shows up (because it’s funny), and when one of the opening songs is merely a list of character names put to music, ‘These Are All The Names You Need to Know.’ Because that’s what fandom is now. Knowing a manufactured set of criteria in order to determine your credentials as a fan.


How James Mangold’s LOGAN Screenplay Embraces the Myth of Superheroes

Time is integral to Logan on multiple levels: Logan and Charles are dying men, slowly succumbing to the natural decline of their bodies; the X-Men have faded into myth and legend, surviving only in bastardized comic books; and the emotional core of the screenplay only functions because of the extratextual existence of the X-Men film franchise, with Hugh Jackman concluding his seventeen-year-long portrayal of Wolverine.