Haven’t You Heard of HAVEN’T YOU HEARD?

One of the most common complaints about politics, regardless of country, is that it’s boring. Grey men and women in grey suits and dresses, speaking in a language which feels wholly unfamiliar to the language that we speak and entirely indecipherable. Are they even human? The levels of ambition and sociopathy required for any kind…

ALL OUT WAR: An A+ Analysis of Brexit

Where were you when Britain voted to leave the European Union? I remember quite clearly. I stayed up all night, my predictions bearing true as result after result came in. My mum woke me up in the early hours, minutes before David Cameron resigned. I showed up at college, dazed, meeting with my friends, similarly…

A New Dawn – Twenty Years Later

“A new dawn has broken, has it not?” asked Tony Blair, on the morning of Labour’s landslide election victory.

Well – did it?