Winning was Easy, Young Man, Governing’s Harder

There were three overriding feelings coursing through my body at 22:00 last night. Firstly, the sadness that Labour was suffering its fourth election defeat and en route to being out of government for at least fourteen years. Secondly, the cold recognition that all of my public and private predictions of how the result would go…

FALL OUT: The Tory Civil War Begins

I published my review of Tim Shipman’s All Out War back in November, as the British state grew incomprehensibly gridlocked and the spectre of a no-deal Brexit began to loom larger. Over two months on, we’ve hit January 2019 – the effective shutdown of governance continues, and a no-deal Brexit seems all but inevitable. These…

ALL OUT WAR: An A+ Analysis of Brexit

Where were you when Britain voted to leave the European Union? I remember quite clearly. I stayed up all night, my predictions bearing true as result after result came in. My mum woke me up in the early hours, minutes before David Cameron resigned. I showed up at college, dazed, meeting with my friends, similarly…

Musings on Corbyn’s Media Mend

Jeremy Corbyn has consistently proven himself adept at diverting the national topic of conversation to minor matters. Forget anti-semitism, forget Brexit – let’s dissect the media instead. Not that the media isn’t worth talking about. I just think there are more pressing issues of concern right now, such as the imminent destruction of the country.

Leaky Labour

A few musings on Labour’s little manifesto leak.

A New Dawn – Twenty Years Later

“A new dawn has broken, has it not?” asked Tony Blair, on the morning of Labour’s landslide election victory.

Well – did it?