The Personal is Political in DOWNSIZING

I burned through Tom Watson’s Downsizing in the first two days of 2020 and found it indelibly refreshing. Partly this was because it’s rare to read a book by a politician which isn’t entirely about politics (or so we think); but largely, because the mere existence of Downsizing is so unexpected. Watson illustrates this in…

Musings on Corbyn’s Media Mend

Jeremy Corbyn has consistently proven himself adept at diverting the national topic of conversation to minor matters. Forget anti-semitism, forget Brexit – let’s dissect the media instead. Not that the media isn’t worth talking about. I just think there are more pressing issues of concern right now, such as the imminent destruction of the country.

Leaky Labour

A few musings on Labour’s little manifesto leak.

A New Dawn – Twenty Years Later

“A new dawn has broken, has it not?” asked Tony Blair, on the morning of Labour’s landslide election victory.

Well – did it?