FALL OUT: The Tory Civil War Begins

I published my review of Tim Shipman’s All Out War back in November, as the British state grew incomprehensibly gridlocked and the spectre of a no-deal Brexit began to loom larger. Over two months on, we’ve hit January 2019 – the effective shutdown of governance continues, and a no-deal Brexit seems all but inevitable. These…

ALL OUT WAR: An A+ Analysis of Brexit

Where were you when Britain voted to leave the European Union? I remember quite clearly. I stayed up all night, my predictions bearing true as result after result came in. My mum woke me up in the early hours, minutes before David Cameron resigned. I showed up at college, dazed, meeting with my friends, similarly…

A New Dawn – Twenty Years Later

“A new dawn has broken, has it not?” asked Tony Blair, on the morning of Labour’s landslide election victory.

Well – did it?